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Sex Therapy & Sexual Re-Definition Therapy

We adopt a non-judgmental attitude towards the various expressions of sexual energy which are not self-destructive or exploitative of others. Our purpose is to assist individuals and couples to explore and discover their own sexuality and to support them in finding ways to meet their needs. We serve a diverse group of women and men from different sexual orientations and lifestyles. Counselling is available for heterosexual, lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender individuals and couples.

Note: Our service is purely non-medical. You are urged to consult with your personal physician before seeking any sexually related therapies.

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a subspecialty of psychotherapy, focusing on the specific concerns related to human sexuality.

An average individual or couple waits six years before seeking therapy for a sexual concern. Denial, hoping time will help, negative stigma, lack of knowledge of where to go for help, and just plain discomfort discussing such private matters can all add up to this delay. Waiting can magnify and exacerbate the negative consequences of a sexual problem.

It is estimated that at least 40 - 60% of all couples struggle with sexual problem(s) at some time in the course of their relationships. Sex and relationship problems often go hand in hand.

The most common reasons that people go to sex therapy for include concerns about arousal, performance, sexual satisfaction such decreased or increased desire for intimacy, or in the case of a couple, mismatched desire or interest in sexual intimacy.

How Can Sex Therapy Help?

Sex therapy helps you and/or partner overcome obstacles (physical, psychological, emotional, or relational) that get in the way of meaningful sexual functioning.

Physical problems, emotional problems, or their interaction can cause sexual pain and fear. The emotional pain it causes often aggravates physical pain. Fear may grow out of misinformation, pain or trauma, and it may exacerbate the physical pain and lead to avoidance and muscular tension. No matter how the problem begins, a vicious cycle develops. Working with a therapist trained in sexual issues can help you to control pain and fear rather than having them control you.

Sex therapy is a focused form of counselling that helps people find solutions to sexual difficulties. Therapy can be done in collaboration with you individually or as a couple. Sex therapy includes both learning and doing. During each therapy session, the therapist will work with you to select areas on which to focus, designing a series of step-by-step exercises to help you and your partner to meet the desired goals. The exercises are practiced in the privacy of your home to build knowledge, comfort and ability in the physical, emotional and relational aspects of sex. Each week you will learn more about your sexuality and what works best for you.

The therapist will help you and your partner explore non-painful forms of sexual pleasure. Cognitive therapy, communication exercises, positive imagery, relaxation and pain management training may all be part of the therapy. The relief of having a plan and professional guidance is both supportive and empowering. 

Some problems that psychotherapy may help with are:

  • Dyspareunia (pain with intercourse)
  • Vaginismus (tight vaginal muscles)
  • Sexual aversion, phobia or fear
  • Unconsummated relationship (inability to have intercourse)
  • Depression and Anxiety (depression can interfere with sexual function and enjoyment)
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Hypersexual desire (excessive sex drive)
  • Hypoactive Sexual Desire (absence for desire for  activity)
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Sexual Addictions (pornography, sex for sales)
  • Sexual compulsivity

Sexual Re-Definition Therapy

Sexual re-definition therapy is a therapeutic process to enable and empower the individual to "come to terms with" or "to change an alternate lifestyle or sexual preference". This is done at the conscious level and under the direction or choice of the client.

Sexual re-definition therapy is a focused, personal, and growth process to help the individual with the confusing and puzzling feelings that one have. This could happen at any point in the developmental stage from the teenage years to an older age. These feelings are often kept inside one's life for years. Due to the shame, confusion, and "a feeling that others would never understand", prolonged feelings of isolation and confusion are generated. The thought that family members, friends, and society in general would find it appalling if such feelings or lifestyles are revealed set the individuals back to isolation and silence. This "inner silence" can trigger a lifelong struggle with pain, depression, anxiety, chemical abuse, and involvement in unhealthy relationships.

Some of the issues related to sexual re-definition work revolve around:

  • Same Sex Lifestyle
  • Same Sex Relationship
  • Transvestism
  • Transgender
  • Gender Identity Issues

Therapy provides a safe place for the person to disclose one's pain. It also helps individuals to understand their own feelings and not be afraid to face them. Sexual re-definition therapy also works with one's family-of-origin to reduce shame and embarrassment. It also empowers an individual to deal with societal pressure. Once these core works are done the individual is ready to move to the next stage, which is coming to terms with or making alternate changes to ones' lifestyle. 


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